competitive-programming (3)

Caesar's Legions - CodeForces

Ah ! It has been a DP Sunday. I have done a good amount of DP earlier but as far as I recall, had never gone above 2D DP problems. So, while moving ahead with my A2OJ streak, I came across D. Caesar's Legions . Before discussing…

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Help Katekar - HackerEarth

So today I was solving some 2D DP problems on HackerEarth and came across this problem: . I must say that the problem description was very vague and it took time for me to understand the requirements. Adding to it, the editorial provided no explanation. So,…

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Wildcard Matching

The solution is as given at . In the below implementation, I have tried to use variables that are self explanatory in what they are doing. I guess this shall help remove any doubts.I had seen one doubt regarding the use of variable “match” at . In…

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